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Commercial Site Selection

Mossy Oak Properties Outdoor Realty can take the antiquated process of site selection to a new level. Using a sophisticated, proven methodology, we are able to produce results.

With the extensive knowledge and experience our company has in North and South Carolina, the Mossy Oak Properties team can represent our clients in multiple markets with a predictable and results-oriented process.

Our Site Selection clientele includes:

  • Retail developers and retailers
  • Heavy and light industrial users
  • Municipalities and school districts
  • Single-Family and Multi-Family developers
  • Recreational/Investment

Our unique process for Site Selection includes the following steps:

1. Site Request Initiator: In this preliminary client interview, we capture the detailed site criteria including:

  • Number of site
  • Location(s)
  • Size and dimensions
  • Price
  • Land use
  • Site Features
  • Demographic requirements

Additionally, we document the relative importance of each of these criteria, allowing us to better rank potential properties once identified.

Looking for a specific type of property? Please call our office at 704-658-1121.

2. Site Transactor: Once final sites are selected, we negotiate to secure the property(s) through final purchase agreements. Additionally, our in-house transaction facilitators assist through closing.

3. Entitlement Assistor: Optimal sites may require complex, controversial and/or challenging governmental approvals. Our organization has built a network of alliances with specialists in the land entitlement area. Where required, these specialists, including zoning attorneys, engineers, and land planners whom can be coordinated by our company to become an integral part of the entitlement team.

Compensation and Retention Agreements

Each of our Site Selection Services clients is unique and therefore our compensation will vary dependent upon their needs. Our Standard Exclusive Representation and Retainer Agreements, however:

  • Last three to twelve months
  • Define a minimum commission based upon the size of the transaction(s)

We Can Help You

If you are interested in acquiring land in the most cost effective and efficient way possible, contact our company at 1.800.287.1523