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    Leave It like You Found It: Sustainable Forestry

    By Land and Luxury | August 18, 2020

    Jay Mark Hendrix When the Europeans began to colonize North America around 1630, it’s estimated that the land that would become the United States was made up of over 1 billion acres of forest, or about 46% of the total land area. By 1907, forest land in the U.S. had declined to around 758 million... Read More

    Virtual Staging and the Future Of Real Estate

    By Land and Luxury | August 11, 2020

    Hermann Samano Staging a home for sale has been a tool used by real estate agents and sellers for years. When a home is beautifully staged, it can be a real lure for potential buyers. The process of home staging involves a lot of heavy lifting, rearranging furniture, and intense attention to details and decorating.... Read More

    10 National Parks You Have to See to Believe

    By Land and Luxury | August 4, 2020

    Jay Mark Hendrix Congress signed an Act establishing Yellowstone National Park “as a public park or pleasuring-ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people” on March 1, 1872, and placed it “under exclusive control of the Secretary of the Interior.” There are certain places in the United States that can take your breath away because of... Read More

    How to Plan an Outdoor Movie Night

    By Land and Luxury | July 28, 2020

    BY DOUGLAS CALHOUN    See the stars in your own backyard … on your DIY big screen, that is. In the height of summer, your backyard or porch is headquarters for family time and date night alike. Combine both, and cue up a movie on your DIY movie screen for a staycation highlight. A bedsheet or table... Read More

    Open Field: History of the Acre

    By Land and Luxury | July 21, 2020

    Jay Mark Hendrix If you’ve ever dealt with any type of real property, whether it’s undeveloped land, commercial space to set up a business, or residential property to buy your new home, then you’re familiar with the acre. Square feet and acres are the standard units of measurement we use to describe the size of... Read More

    How to Create Your Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

    By Land and Luxury | July 14, 2020

    BY NATALIE WISE  Create a beautiful outdoor cooking space for relaxing and entertaining all summer long. As summer approaches and temperatures start to rise, no one wants to spend time inside sweating over a hot stove. With an outdoor kitchen, you can make the most of the beautiful warm nights by spending them with your friends... Read More

    Where We’re Growing: Charlotte’s Suburbs Headed for a Surge

    By Land and Luxury | July 7, 2020

    The spots that analysts eye as high-growth spots for 2025—and beyond. Greg Lacour A rendering of the River District project, planned for the Catawba River’s eastern bank and the largest land development in Mecklenburg County since Ballantyne in the early 1990s.COURTESY It can be as hard to find an affordable place to live in Charlotte’s... Read More

    How to Choose the Right Piece of Land to Build a Home

    By Land and Luxury | June 30, 2020

    Jay Mark Hendrix The prospect of building your own home is extremely exciting. Creating the environment you and your family will spend much of the future and customizing it exactly the way you want, as opposed to the way somebody else wants, sounds great. And often times it is, but there’s a very important point... Read More

    Is Selling Land Different Than Selling Houses?

    By Land and Luxury | June 23, 2020

    Jay Mark Hendrix A different market, a different buyer mindset, and a different sales approach. These are just a few of the ways that selling land differs from selling houses. Many people are successful selling homes but this doesn’t necessarily translate into automatic success when it comes to selling vacant land. Sellers who are aware... Read More

    Celebrate Dad With These 7 Unique Father’s Day Activities You Can Do at Home

    By Land and Luxury | June 16, 2020

    By Jennifer Kelly Geddes AleksandarNakic/Getty Images Graduations, birthdays, and holiday celebrations look a little different this year due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. OK, a lot different. Virtual events have filled the gaps, of course, but it can be hard to muster joy when you’re forced to celebrate at home. Still, the dear old Dad in your life deserves to... Read More