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We all have that one person on our Christmas list who seems impossible to buy for, making the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift challenging and time-consuming.

But if that hard-to-buy-for person on your list is a hunting enthusiast, we’re here to help. Most hunters can never have enough gear to enjoy their favorite hobby. Here is a list of our seven favorite gifts and the best hunting gear the hunter in your life is sure to love.

Outdoorsman Christmas


A reliable, functional vest is a staple every successful hunter should have for warmth, safety, and organization in the field.

Helping your hunter into the twenty-first century with the gift of a modern vest is both
practical and thoughtful. Advances in technology have not bypassed hunting vest design, and there are many options and upgrades from which to choose.

New for 2020, the BE:1 Reactor Plus Vest features all the high-performance design elements a seasoned hunter looks for in cold weather, with Thinsulate insulation and built-in heating elements to provide core warmth in any hunting situation.

The Mossy Oak Terra Gila pattern is a favorite of many outdoor enthusiasts, and it’s available in men’s sizes from medium to 3XL.


Not only do gloves function to protect a hunter’s hands from weather and wear, but they can also help facilitate a surer shot with a non-slip grip. One of the keys to long-range accuracy is a controlled trigger finger.


The Mossy Oak Tech Hunt Glove is a good fit for warm weather hunting. It’s lightweight and breathable, and it provides a snug but comfortable fit for better agility and performance. The ultra-tacky rubber palm and fingers create a secure grip on any hunter’s gun, bow, or gear.


Die-hard hunters want to be out in the field year-round, but seasonal limits generally prevent that from happening. If you know a gun hunter who suffers from cabin fever every off-season, a crossbow can be a thoughtful and appreciated gift. As crossbow season is different from gun season, it can extend a hunter’s time in the field.

And one of our favorite crossbow hunting tips is its accessibility. Crossbow hunting doesn’t put the same physical strain on the body as some other methods, so it’s an especially good choice for younger hunters.

The new Whitetail Hunter STR from Barnett is getting a lot of buzz among hunting enthusiasts in 2020. One of the most compact crossbows on the market, the Whitetail Hunter STR, is easy to maneuver in tight spaces and will likely make your hunter the envy of all their friends. It’s easy to assemble and quiet on the draw and is covered in Mossy Oak Bottomland.



Despite what you may have heard, giving a knife as a gift won’t bring the recipient bad luck. A rugged survival knife is an essential part of any hunter’s pack, whether setting snares or field dressing a kill.

You can rarely go wrong in giving an outdoor enthusiast a new knife, whether to replace an old one or to add to their collection.

Browning’s Tagged Out knife is a great, all-around piece, making a practical gift for just about everyone. It features a drop point blade and razor-sharp folding scissors, great for notching a game tag in the field or opening a new vacuum-sealed flashlight on Christmas morning.

The liner lock and pocket clip provide lightning-speed deployment and effortless carry, making it a functional on-the-go tool for every day as well.


When deciding what type of boots to buy, it’s best to explore what style of hunting your recipient most often enjoys. Most hunting boots differ, depending on their specialization and the type. So, a boot an elk hunter might prefer will likely differ from a good pheasant-hunting boot.


You should also consider the weather and terrain of your hunter’s environment. Above all, most outdoorsmen like their boots to be sturdy, comfortable, and waterproof.

For multipurpose use and durability, you can’t go wrong with the AeroHead Sport. Lacrosse has taken a rubber hunting boot to a whole new level with its lightweight insulating polyurethane construction. The boot is designed for a waterproof, flexible fit.

In addition to being comfortable to wear, the AeroHead is built for multiple weather conditions and varying terrain.


Flannel has long served as a kind of uniform for many nature lovers, loved for its lightweight warmth. Flannel is a naturally cozy, perennial fabric that makes an excellent gift for both men and women.

Available in several different color choices and sizes medium to 2XL, this Mossy Oak Flannel is made especially for women, with a fitted, modern cut. The classic plaid design can be worn outdoors while location scouting or out to dinner at your favorite casual restaurant. The material is cozy but lightweight, so it can be worn nearly all year round.


Spartan GoCam

Trail cameras aren’t new to the world of hunting. Hunters have been using them for years for additional insight into their hunting area and the wildlife that lives there. But technology has progressed significantly, and the remote access available through a modern trail camera is impressive.

As long as they follow a few basic rules of trail camera placement, hunters, as well as wildlife enthusiasts, can get closer to nature than ever before.

The new GoCam Ghost from Spartan takes it to the next level with the ability to livestream images to a phone, tablet, or computer in real-time without disturbing a scouting location. With a user-friendly app and improved camera features, the Spartan GoCam Ghost will likely be a particular favorite of the young hunter on your list.


Celebrate the Hunter in Your Life This Christmas

While holiday shopping can be overwhelming, you can find the perfect gift for the hunter in your life this Christmas. Mossy Oak offers a wide range of functional camo gear and stylish outdoor apparel for men, women, and youth.

Explore our selection online or contact us to learn more about our high-performance hunting gear.


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