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Monthly Archives: October 2020

    Home prices are held down by COVID-19 in big cities while climbing sharply in less crowded areas

    By Land and Luxury | October 27, 2020

    Paul Davidson The housing market has been booming during the COVID-19 crisis, but America’s cities are taking it on the chin. And while big cities like New York and San Francisco, in particular, are struggling with falling prices, values in less densely populated cities such as Phoenix and Charlotte, North Carolina, are holding up fairly... Read More


    By Land and Luxury | October 20, 2020

    provided by John E. Phillips  Scott Sharp of Lebanon, Tennessee, a Mossy Oak Pro Staff member since 2013, hunts whitetails with a bow, a rifle and a muzzleloader, and during turkey season, he hunts with a shotgun. He and his brother D.W. have discovered a way to have their outdoor cake and eat it too.... Read More

    Regain Your Garage: Simple Tricks for Getting Organized

    By Land and Luxury | October 13, 2020

    Bob Vila A thoughtful approach to garage storage makes the most of this valuable space and keeps every necessity at your fingertips. If your house is bursting at the seams, or simply short on storage options, the solution may be as close as your garage. To make the best use of this space, however, you... Read More

    What to Look for on Your Property Deed

    By Land and Luxury | October 6, 2020

    Jay Mark Hendrix Owning property, especially land, used to be a luxury only for the wealthy. Fortunately, the barriers have slowly been lowered and more and more people have the opportunity to become homeowners and landowners. Because so many individuals own real property and property is being bought and sold every day, there’s a need... Read More