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Monthly Archives: June 2020

    How to Choose the Right Piece of Land to Build a Home

    By Land and Luxury | June 30, 2020

    Jay Mark Hendrix The prospect of building your own home is extremely exciting. Creating the environment you and your family will spend much of the future and customizing it exactly the way you want, as opposed to the way somebody else wants, sounds great. And often times it is, but there’s a very important point... Read More

    Is Selling Land Different Than Selling Houses?

    By Land and Luxury | June 23, 2020

    Jay Mark Hendrix A different market, a different buyer mindset, and a different sales approach. These are just a few of the ways that selling land differs from selling houses. Many people are successful selling homes but this doesn’t necessarily translate into automatic success when it comes to selling vacant land. Sellers who are aware... Read More

    Celebrate Dad With These 7 Unique Father’s Day Activities You Can Do at Home

    By Land and Luxury | June 16, 2020

    By Jennifer Kelly Geddes AleksandarNakic/Getty Images Graduations, birthdays, and holiday celebrations look a little different this year due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. OK, a lot different. Virtual events have filled the gaps, of course, but it can be hard to muster joy when you’re forced to celebrate at home. Still, the dear old Dad in your life deserves to... Read More

    Hedge Against Inflation With Timberland Investments

    By Land and Luxury | June 9, 2020

    By Stephan Tomlinson       Timberland is a popular investment with many Americans. But unlike other asset classes, with timberland you can visit your investment to spend an agreeable weekend camping, hiking, hunting, picking wild berries, or simply sleeping under the stars. Even if you are a homebody and the great outdoors are not for... Read More

    How is the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacting Recreational Land Sales?

    By Land and Luxury | June 2, 2020

    Selling recreational land during the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been challenging, but sales are continuing to occur around the country. So what are we seeing in the marketplace this spring? Even during the pandemic, we’ve seen interest from potential buyers remain steady, though sales could slow if the impacts of the pandemic persist for a... Read More