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Monthly Archives: October 2018

    A Farmhouse-Style Prefab That’ll Make You Want to Ditch the Big City

    By Land and Luxury | October 30, 2018

    BY JAMIE BIRDWELL-BRANSON ON 2 OCT 2018 A deep farm sink, a light and bright interior, and clean lines earn this prefab the farmhouse-fan seal of approval. Whether you’re the world’s biggest Joanna Gaines fan or you just love clean, simple lines and no-fuss color schemes, it’s pretty clear that the popularity of the farmhouse look won’t be... Read More


    By Land and Luxury | October 23, 2018

    Dave Anderson | Originally published in GameKeepers: Farming for Wildlife Magazine   You’ve spent a lot of time and money to create your hunting property, so it only makes sense to post outdoor signs to help protect it. You can easily buy plastic “no trespassing” signs at the local hardware store or discount center, but should you? There’s... Read More

    What does the stock market tumble mean for real estate?

    By Land and Luxury | October 16, 2018

    Economists say the sell-off was a bit of an overcorrection, but it could have long-term implications on the market BYPATRICK KEARNS OCT 10 The Dow Jones dropped more than 800 points on Wednesday, the third biggest point drop of the year and the biggest drop since February. As investors sell-off stock and the benchmark yield rises,... Read More

    Do The Math: The Public Land Survey System is the primary land description method and an important tool for landowners in the U.S.

    By Land and Luxury | October 9, 2018

    Written by Mossy Oak Properties What is an easement? In short, an easement is a legal right to use property. Easements can be held by individuals, companies and government entities for numerous reasons. When buying land, it’s vital to find out if the property features any easements, as these can directly impact how the land... Read More

    From “Fix and Flip” to “Buy and Grow” – Land-Based Investing Opportunities

    By Land and Luxury | October 2, 2018

    Article and Image Courtesy of Harvest Returns at Savvy investors have long realized the advantages of owning real, tangible assets, especially those backed by underlying land. Real estate, both commercial and residential, is probably most familiar to investors. A pass through the cable TV channel guide will land on dozens of “fix and flip”... Read More