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Monthly Archives: September 2018

    3 Design Tricks That Will Make Your Small Space Feel Big

    By Land and Luxury | September 25, 2018

    BY ERICA SOOTER ON 24 AUG 2018   Low on square footage? Don’t sweat it — a small space is an opportunity to get clever. Got a small space in your home that you’re not sure what to do with? Or is your cramped apartment forcing you to get creative with your furniture arrangements? You’re not alone. Make... Read More

    Seek Knowledgeable Professionals

    By Land and Luxury | September 18, 2018

    Recognizing valuable features on your land is critical to maximizing your property’s worth. Water, timber and wildlife are just a few of the resources that can generate income and increase value. While you may be aware of what can add value, getting the most out of your land often requires the experience of a professional.... Read More

    After 9/11, Real Estate Magnate Brings World Trade Center Back to Life

    By Land and Luxury | September 11, 2018

    Developer Larry Silverstein weathered citywide turmoil and fought several legal battles while rebuilding the World Trade Center By John Bonazzo In the summer of 2001, Larry Silverstein usually spent his mornings in breakfast meetings at Windows of the World atop the World Trade Center’s North Tower—his real estate development company Silverstein Properties had purchased a 99-year lease on the complex in July of that... Read More

    Small Kitchen? Try These 9 Tips for Making the Most of Your Limited Space

    By Land and Luxury | September 4, 2018

    Written by CALLIE LITTLE Transform your standard-issue rental kitchen with these tips. Is there some kind of law that requires rental apartments to supply no more than a single square of kitchen counter space to each unit? Between the white walls, scarce and often outdated cabinets, and a lack of amenities, it’s rare to find a... Read More