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Monthly Archives: August 2018

    Visiting a Property in Person is Important: Here’s What to Look For

    By Land and Luxury | August 28, 2018

    Written by Tom Moore via Going online is certainly important when buying recreational land for sale, whether it’s reviewing photos of the site, looking into nearby spots for outdoor activities like fishing, hiking or boating, or learning more about the wildlife in the area. But it’s still important to visit a property before you make an... Read More

    Securing Large Properties: Smart-Home Security Tips for Larger Lots

    By Land and Luxury | August 21, 2018

    ERIC MURRELL AUGUST 1, 2018 There have been huge leaps in the home security market over the last decade, and nothing has disrupted this product category quite as much as smart-home technology. From smart cameras to wireless sensors, an array of inexpensive technology has entered the market that gives homeowners and families dozens of innovative devices... Read More

    What’s the Difference Between a Farm and Ranch?

    By Land and Luxury | August 14, 2018

    DIANA EASTMAN JULY 20, 2018 If someone were to ask you the difference between a farm and a ranch, would you be able to tell them? While many people use the terms ranch and farm interchangeably, they actually have some very specific differences. They’re both large lots of land and are tended to by hard-working individuals... Read More

    The A to Z of Land Uses: Understanding Land-Use Specifics

    By Land and Luxury | August 7, 2018

    BY DIANA EASTMAN AUGUST 7, 2018 Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a piece of land that you love on Monday, buy it on Wednesday and then start building whatever your heart desired by Saturday? Unfortunately, it requires a bit more work than that, and understanding the basics of land use is one of the... Read More